The new commercial quartier in Istanbul

In the center of Istanbul trade, an exciting new star is emerging. Tradesmen have been dreaming of a business atmosphere for years, and Aktim Çarşı makes it a reality with its distinct benefits. With its prime location, chic architecture, street-fronting modern stores, and roomy roadways, Aktim Çarşı is practically a business district unto itself.

Special Offers for Aktim Çarşı for Tradesmen

  • Central
  • Private Parking Lot for Each Shop
  • Ease of
  • Detached
  • 15m Wide
  • Solar

Aktim çarşı in 5 steps


Aktim Çarşı:
The Gateway to the Future for Tradesmen!

Today's tradespeople seek out modern, comfortable, roomy, and safe working environments, and Aktim Çarşı offers three and four storey detached shops ranging in size from 202 m2 to 443 m2, with or without warehouses. You will be able to proudly open your store every morning at Aktim Çarşı and experience the joy of being a part of a bright future.


The vast and spacious streets of Aktim Bazaar

The "street-shop" concept of Aktim Bazaar turns the bustling marketplace into a nice workspace with roomy streets. With walkways that are 2.5 meters wide and lanes that are appropriate for parking cars, Aktim Bazaar gives its surrounds a distinct feeling of spaciousness and comfort. The roads there are 15 meters wide and are made to accommodate one-way traffic flow without interruption.


The Exceptional Transportation Benefit of Aktim Çarşı from Warehouse to Parking Lot

The advantage of direct access from the warehouse to the parking lot will enable store owners with warehouses in Aktim Çarşı to handle their shipments more swiftly and easily. Goods transportation are made easy and practical by the parking garage warehouses. Shop owners will benefit from simple shipment as well as convenient elevator access to the desired floor.


Aktim Çarşı:
New Standards in Parking Comfort!

The 32,000 m2 parking lot at Aktim Çarşı offers a special benefit to each shop: a dedicated place for three to four cars. Furthermore, we ensure a comfortable parking experience for both you and your guests by keeping our guest parking areas reserved for your customers and visitors.


The Maximum Point of Accessibility:
The Location Advantage of Aktim Çarşı!

By combining a modern interpretation with the historical texture of Bayrampaşa, Aktim Çarşı developed using Ottoman architecture. Its advantageous location adds to its allure in addition to its distinctive architecture. It is ideally situated at the intersection of three major streets, close to both E5 and the TEM connector road. Its close proximity to metro and metrobus stops is a big advantage for those who use public transit. Aktim Çarşı provides the corporate world with a distinguished and comfortable address thanks to its accessible design.

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